December 1, 2009


When my brother brought home this new game called Scribblenauts, I immediately knew I wanted to play it. Puzzle games, good cartoon graphics, and over 10,000 words at your finger tips to pull it all together. For a DS game it sounds pretty good right? It is my honest opinion that these are the type of games the DS is good for. Recently I acquired Assassins Creed for the DS. The original for the Xbox 360 is one of my favorite games, and while the DS version is still fun, it’s just not the same. The graphics, game play, everything, just didn’t cut it. But Scribblenauts has caught my attention and it’s going towards a more positive light. However there were a few problems I had that could have been easy to fix. Here’s how I rate it:

Graphics 4.5/5

Even with the well done cartoon graphics, each object is distinct. Although not as realistic looking as say a halo gun, if you bring out a gun, you can easily tell it’s a gun. Overall it’s not too flashy or mind-boggling but it’s what I was expecting for the theme and I am happy with it. The only issue, and it’s a really small issue, is that some of the item icons are the same for objects that are similar. So if you type in a specific type of gun, most of the time you are still just going to get a gun. Other than that, the graphics suit the game and my gameplay needs, just fine.

Sound 3/5

Honestly how the game was going to sound didn’t really cross my mind at first. I was more interested in actually playing and not expecting anything too grand from a DS game like this. When I started playing, things changed. After hearing the same sound for over an hour it was getting really repetitive and even though I found you can buy new songs, they aren’t that much different. I just started tuning it out and playing the game but it almost got annoying if I really tried to listen. The songs aren’t horrible, but there were just not enough for me. Even if I changed the song, I felt like I was listening to the same one again. Over all the music doesn’t suck, but it wasn’t good either. It was boring and really not at all impressive.

Gameplay 4/5

My biggest problem with this game was the stylus controls. Yes, the number of  combinations and objects that you can use to solve the puzzles is amazing, but the stylus controls can be difficult to use at times and can be frustrating when you are really close to solving a puzzle and one little tap on the screen can send you off a cliff into killer fish infested waters before you are ready to take care of them. Even with the control problems the game was a lot of fun. You have so many options and how you solve the puzzles is so open that it’s really up to you to decided how to do it. Now don’t get me wrong, it is a challenge to think up the right thing at times so the open-ended puzzles and odd hints don’t make the game easier. For me it just added to the fun and experience of the game. Another thing I loved is that you don’t have to play Maxwell the whole time. You can buy different avatars, and while your options are limited, I still like that fact that you can change at all.

Over all I give this game a 4.5 out of 5. I really enjoyed playing the game and loved the creative freedom I had while playing it. Even if the controls were a bit difficult and the music was boring, the game was good. I would recommend this game to just about anyone. If even my brother, who loves to play shooters, can enjoy this game, than Just about anyone can.

Tips: I’m just going to share a few of the things I picked up on while playing. First when you need to go up or over something and you need to fly, it’s best if you have room, to bring out a pterodactyl. They are smaller and friendlier than a dragon or airplane and they stay in the air if you need to go up high, unlike wings or jet pack which only lets you hover for so long. Also if you are playing a level with enemies it’s best to not get in the fight yourself, but to bring out someone to fight for you. I usually use a God or goddess because they can kick some serious ass, but you can also use ninja’s and other people. If you do this it’s also best, if you can afford it, to give your fighter a weapon. They last longer that way and you can kill multiple enemies. The last thing is a bit of a cheat I guess so I don’t recommend it for repeated use but if you could use some extra “ollars” (the money in the game) then give this a try. You can recreate the levels and save them however you want. I made two of  these and made them somewhat easy. The result is a little over 2,000 ollars every time I play one of those levels. 

And now heres a pic of  C.C. and Lelouch.

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