Lelouch and Light.

December 2, 2009

Computer is fixed! I never want to go that long without it ever again. Sad, I know. Kids these days. Anyway  my reason for posting this is because of an argument that occurred in a forum about Lelouch vs. Light and “who’s better”. I was not the one to start it they just came  to me to settle it and I decided to put in on here just because I can. 

First thing I want to point out is that the topic was supposed to be who’s better and it turned into another Zero vs. Kira debate. My answer to who’s better? That really depends on the criteria. As to who would win I’m just going to tell you right now that in my opinion it would be Zero. There really is no point in trying to tell me otherwise because my usually open mind is closed on this. Zero’s reaction time is faster and he can manipulate many more people for longer periods of time than Kira can. Kira really doesn’t have much help. He has Misa and the shinigami but there are restrictions on what he can do and how far his manipulation can go. Some of you say he doesn’t need anymore help than he has but think about the opponents each character is facing.

Lelouch faces multiple enemies throughout the series and none of them really easy to beat, each with a different challenge for Lelouch. The man is facing an army. Not a bunch of criminals and regular old police men.

(Love the live action!) Really Kira’s only constant problem is L (until he dies) who I think is a great character but even with his skills I think he was at a disadvantage with Kira from the very beginning because who would have thought that someone was using a gods power to kill criminals? Even though in the end it was figured out I think it would have made a difference if L had known from the start that things like this were possible. Lelouch on the other hand has a power of his own and he knows that others have Geass too, so he could would have gotten there much faster than L. Knowing that he’s dealing with someone with powers of their own would make a difference in the actions he would have to take to find the person. At the heart of all this the problem for both of them would be finding out who the other really is right? I find this is what people argue about most. One thing that people forget the most I think is that Lelouch is supposed to be a dead Britannian prince. If Kira used Misa to find out Zero’s name then she would see his real name which would make it harder for them to find Lelouch as he is now. I do think that Light is smart enough to figure it out at some point, but that just gives Zero more time to find him. Also Zero where’s a mask and Light can’t kill him without seeing his face.

My only (kinda) important argument against Zero comes from one of the first season episodes of Code Geass (I don’t remember the number but it’s at the very end). It’s the episode where Lelouch and Euphie are talking about the new zone she is creating and Lelouch, not meaning to use his Geass on her, says something about how he could make her kill all the Japanese and for a few moments she actually resists Lelouche’s geass because it went against her nature. Light may be…crazy but there is a reason for what he is doing. He wants to eliminate all the bad people in the world and become “god”. He shows strong convictions in his goal which leads me to believe that if face to face and Lelouch did not have his zero mask they would both die. But assuming that wouldn’t happen though, all Lelouch would have to do is find out who Kira is and there ya go. Game over. Lelouch I think is just as smart as Light. But like I said. Lelouch’s way is much faster. He could use his Geass on Lights dad (because he is the one mostly in charge of the investigation along with L, not specifically because he’s Lights dad) or one of the other police involved to find out who they are investigating and that would lead him straight to both Misa and Light since really those were they only two under suspicion. So my thoughts are Light would lose or tie but either way he’d die first.  Really I think I could make this argument stronger but I don’t see that I would need to. It’s pretty clear to me and I have thought about this more than is Probably necessary. Don’t get me wrong. I like Death Note so this is not a let’s hate on Light blog. But Code Geass is really just on a whole other level for me. Especially the last episode which had to have been the best ending I have ever seen. It was beautiful.

On a character Level It’s pretty clear to me that Light, as smart as he may be, is completely out of his mind. Lelouch has his moments too and was actually quite a bit harsher than Light and some of his methods were questionable but even in the end it was all for his sister and a better world and that made it ok in my book. So I suppose that would mean Lelouch also wins as far as who I think is better.

Oh the other thing I wanted to point out while on this subject is that Code Geass was NOT created by CLAMP. They were just part of the design. It really surprises me how me people “LOVE” the show but don’t care enough to know who created it. 

Anyway, watch this. It’s pretty good.



  1. Please do!

    • Yikes pressure! I will try to get it up in a day or two 😛 I’m just finishing up re-watching some episodes.

  2. They’re similar characters, though Light clearly lost his sanity where Lelouch didn’t.

  3. Yea I agree with you on that. I think that’s one of the reasons I liked Lelouch better. I could see where he was going and know that even if he had some off moments or was on the verge of being cruel to someone, he was really just doing it all for his sister. Light I think by the end really lost everything and was just trying not to get caught and he did so really everything he went through seemed like a waste. Sure he got rid of some bad people but others had to die too and all for what? He didn’t reach his goal. He died and didn’t really change anything significant to the world.

  4. Hmm, I see your point, but I don’t necessarily agree. I also have a problem with just flat out saying one is “better” than the other. To be fair they are very different characters even though both fulfill the roll of the anti-hero. I’m pretty sure Light is smarter than Lelouch by just watching his mad logical skills at work. Lelouch however might be a better tactician in terms of battle strength.

    When comparing though I think it’s important to point out that Light is portrayed as a fairly evil character from the moment he picks up the Death Note whereas Lelouch we’re supposed to identify with an like. I actually think Death Note did a pretty amazing job of keeping the intrigue while making us dislike the character. I actually don’t think Sunrise did quite as good of a job. I think they wanted to create a character like Light (evil and unlikeable), but eventually they changed their minds and made him less of a monster. Liking one character more than another is one thing, but in a death match between Lelouch and Light using brains alone I think Light would win. Truthfully I don’t think Lelouch would stand a chance. Light is way to careful and Lelouch messes up time and time again.

    Last but not least even though Lelouch had more enemies none of them could really compare to the intellectual superpower that was L. Nor, in that world, could they really compare in power. Light and L fought a completely intellectual battle where shadows and deception Rue the day. Lelouch’s battles were often won by who had the best mecha pilot with the newest gear (hardly Lelouch’s accomplishments). I also think Lelouch was kind of a one hit wonder. He uses the terrain to win the battle. Sure he lures in dumb enemies, but L would have never revealed himself.

    I guess that ended up being a pretty long comment. If anything seems critical it isn’t. I just was typing my own opinion in response to some of the things you said.

    • No I think your comment was great. I haven’t had anyone put it to me that way before except for Light being too careful, which may be the case but he obviously wasn’t careful enough and he had his mess ups as well. They weren’t as bad but then again he was dealing with a group of people not entire countries and I think that amplified some of Lelouche’s mistakes. The bigger they are the harder they fall type of thing you know? Like I said I still see more road blocks for Light, things that would make it quite a bit harder for him to actually find Lelouch in the first place, and that’s what it really comes down to. We already know they could both kill the other easily but who gets their first? In this case even if Light is smarter it wouldn’t matter much if he doesn’t have what he needs to get the job done fast enough. Although honestly when I first watched Code Geass I didn’t think of Light. It wasn’t until someone brought it up to me and asked me who would win and I was surprised. I do like both of the shows though so I don’t want you to think that I hate Light. I thought he was an interesting character. But if you wanna throw in L too he wins hands down just because he’s that awesome lol.

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