Joyeux Noel to Moi. Thank You Comcast.

December 19, 2009

I made cookies. Yay me.

Is my existence this sad that I am up at 6:30 in the morning baking cookies, writing a blog, and being pissed off at comcast? Yes, yes it is. Do you know where I bought christmas presents this year? The dollar store. Sad indeed. Anyway Right now I would just like to take the time to say F*** you comcast for taking away an anime series I wasn’t finished watching before you even got to the end of the season! Or should I be pissed at FUNimation instead? It is there on demand channel…Well I don’t really give a crap. Now I have to take the time to go and find it on the internet and will have to deal with all the bad quality and dumbass Megavideo time limits. Do you think I want to spend my time doing this? No. I have other things to watch on here that are more important.

Oh well.

I really should try to catch up on Shugo Chara Party but I don’t know if it’s even worth it. Shugo Chara was great, but now with Party it’s like the first 12 min. of every episode are a complete waste of time. I knew it was aimed more for kids anyway but I still liked it. Now they have ruined it with the little games they do at the beginning. I can deal with a little of it but after so many worthless episodes I’m about ready to drop this one. The only reason I keep watching is to find out what happens with Ikuto. Who doesn’t love a man with cat ears? 

 Hmm. It’s almost tempting to write more…ok. The whole idea of the show is pretty simple. It’s start’s off with the Amu. She’s known as the “cool and spicy” fifth grader because of her tough attitude and it has made her one of the most popular girls in school. Even with being popular she’s not really close to anyone and inside she’s really a sad girl who wishes to change. From those feelings she wakes up one morning with three eggs in her bed. This scene made me LMAO. I’m sure waking up in the morning and finding some eggs on your bed isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of giving birth. Actually, these eggs are the eggs of Amu’s heart. The eggs represent the would be self of Amu which were always locked up inside her heart. She takes the eggs to school and is noticed by the Guardians. They are basically like an ASB type club, at least thats the face they put on for the school, but really they also have  Guardian characters as well and use them to protect peoples Heart Eggs. They want her to join and take the Joker seat.

She decides to join them and they give her the Humpty Lock by request of the mysterious Chairman of the school who was the founding King of the Guardians. Pretty soon after that Amu’s first egg hatches into Ran (Amulet Heart), thats where Ikuto comes in and Amu finds out he has the Dumpty Key. He tries to steal her eggs to see if they are the embryo that everyone is looking for. The embryo is a special egg that will grant whoever can find it a wish. Ikuto works for the evil company Easter who is trying to find the embryo by any means possible even if it means stealing children’s dreams (their hearts eggs). Amu finds she can character transform into Amulet heart and fly. so she ends up saving her other two eggs. Sometime later the other two hatch (Miki-Amulet Spade and Su Amulet Clover)and she can change and transform with them as well. From there they spend most of the time fighting easter and protecting other people’s hearts. You find out a lot more regarding all the characters, especially things about Ikuto and his little sisters past and why he is forced to work with Easter. Eventually because of Amu all the other Guardians can character transform as well. Also Amu end’s up with a fourth Guardian, Named Dia (Amulet Dimond). It all leads up to the end with a battle for the embryo.

I can’t really explain why I liked this show so much. There was just something about it that made me keep watching and actually enjoy it. I liked all the characters but I think my favorites were Nadeshiko/Nagihiko:

He starts as dressing like a girl because of a family tradition and then he leaves to study dance in other countries but he comes back as his real self, Nagihiko. He has two Guardians names Temari and Rhythm.

Ikuto is a lot older than the rest of them. His Guardians name is Yoru and he’s so adorable!

And Ikuto’s sister Utau:

She also has two Guardians Named Il and El.

Over all I really liked this show. I just hope things change with Shugo Chara Party.

Anyone who has taken the time to read this entire thing, I commend you. Bravo. I know I’m boring.

This is a great AMV so watch.



  1. Hey thanks for visiting me 🙂
    Good luck with your new blog. The show you’re talking here seem quite interesting.
    I’m visiting lot of blog now and i know that … i don’t know anything lol
    So much shows i’ve never heard about. How frustrating, i wont have the time to watch all these.

    And don’t be too sad ok, cookies are awesome (and you can bake them, i totally don’t). Wanna taste one :p

    • Yea I feel like that sometimes too. I see other peoples blogs about shows that I haven’t seen and they look really good but it’s hard to find time to watch it all.
      And thank you =]
      Cookies are awesome but I’m not lol.

  2. Mind if I ask what ASB stands for? 🙂

    • Associated Student Body. They are the group of kids (president, Vice President, Tresurare, Etc.) who pretty much run the school for the rest of the students. So Like for school dances we would tell them what kind of themes we like and they would check them out and then take them to the teachers in charge to make the dance happen the way we want it too. I assumed most school have them because I’ve never been to a school that didn’t have some kind of student leadership, but I could be wrong.

  3. love shugo shara very much ❤

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