Princesse de la lune (when in doubt put a French title and hope it looks smart.)

December 24, 2009


 I drew this picture.

Neo Queen Serenity.

So what do you think? I saw a pic of her and I thought it was so pretty I had to try to draw her myself.

I’m not very good at drawing, or at least I should say it doesn’t come easily to me. This is just a rough sketch, it took me quite a while and it isn’t even that amazing. But I tried and I’m happy I could at least do this.

I really wish I still had my scanner. The picture looks dark, don’t you think?

*Edit: Thats a little better?. I need to clean it up and perhaps color it, but I dunno if I want to mess with it too much…I think just leaving it as a simple sketch would be best.


  1. Hey wow it’s kind of amazing if i put my drawing skill in the balance ha ha
    I honestly think that this is a very good drawing of an amazing character 🙂
    If you plan to scan it i would be happy to have a copy 😉

    • Thanks!
      I will see if I can find some way to scan it and I’ll let you know if I do =].

  2. Hmmm? NO! It’s good!

    It’s better than anything I could draw in any case.

    As for the picture, you should be able to brighten that up digitally, no?

    • Thank you =].
      *facepalm* why didn’t I think of that?!

  3. Wow impressive for someone who claims to be not very good at drawing. You got the proportions right which is a big part of the battle. Good Job she looks nice :)!

  4. Thank you! ^^
    And trust me I’m really not that good. I know people who could have done that in about 10 minutes without a picture to reference. I took like an hour and I had a picture 😛

  5. Lol. You call that not good? Oh my. You should see some of my BETTER works. http://i755.photobucket.com/albums/xx192/blurscrib2/a3r/DSC01392.jpg


    • Lol I’ve seen much worse than that 😛 With a little practice I think you’d be good ^^

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