December 29, 2009

Yesterday I went to Borders at the Alderwood mall. And you know what? I came home with eight new books. And you know what else? thats nothing. I’ll have these finished in no time.  But the thing is, the only books I bought were the last few in the Anita Blake series (except Skin Trade) and the next few I needed of Kim Harrison’s Hollows series. My intentions though were not to only come out with these books. I had other books and some manga that I wanted but for several reasons this did not happen and alas, the Book Thief and a few others were passed up AGAIN. I will get them but at this point the pecking order is very clear when I buy books. Whats cheapest is always a good thing to look at because I only have so much money although this doesn’t always determine if I get a book or not, and what I actually need so if it’s in like a series then those come before solo books. I’m almost finished with all the series I’m reading though so thats good. I think the one I’m the most behind on is Ted Dekker’s Lost Book series. But Once I get the rest of them they are an easy read. So overall I think I’m ok with my choice to only purchase books from those two series. Anyway, whats everybody else reading? contrary to what this post might imply, I love historical books, fiction and non-fiction, I read it all. Hence why I’ve turned my love of history into my future career 😀

On another note, I got a new puppy. Shes a german Shepard and her name is Heike (like Micah but with an h) and it is indeed a German name. Although If I have it my way thats going to change and I think you guys could guess what I want to name her 😛

 Three big dogs is crazy, no? I think so but who asked my opinion anyway.

Well thats about it. My only goal in posting this really is to see what everybody else likes to read, manga included 😀

Have a nice day! ^^



  1. Wow that’s a lot of reading… i don’t read that much. The last book i completed is Eragon. I prefer books related to astro-physics (yeah lol), stars and black holes in particular.
    I also read a book on quantum physics but i got a bit lost lol
    I don’t read much maybe 3 or 4 books a year so that’s kind of a pitiful score right 😉
    But i’m proud to say i’ve read all about Tolkien ^^
    A new puppy ??? I love dogs … and especially big ones, fun to play with and they’re cute.

    • Yea well I guess I do read more than most people. But I just love reading! So many great stories =].
      You haven’t read Eldest or Brisingr?
      I also have read a lot about stars and stuff. I find it really interesting. Any earth and astrology related science is what I’m into as far as that sort of thing goes.
      Tolkien had some great work.
      We have two Saint Bernard’s, Ruby and Lilly, so when I say big I mean 155lbs big lol. And now we’ve got this little one and she’s so adorable.

      • Ah, even though I was not asked. I have read brisinger and tryed ti read eldest but lost interest and gave up less than half way through

      • Oh sure when i said ‘Eragon’ i meant the all 3 books 🙂
        In fact when Brisingr was released i forgot about the 2 first so i started from the beginning :p
        What i like about stars and universe stuff is that there’s still many many things we don’t know. A lot of theories and hypothesis exists directly related to Sci-fi especially when it comes to black holes.
        I’m glad that you love that kind of things too.

        Oh my, Saint Bernard are just too cute like enormous puppy plush. cuddle, cuddle 😀

      • Oooh ok =].
        Yea it’s really interesting stuff! I especially liked studying Dark Matter when I was in freshman science at school. It’s like gravity in a way. You can’t see it but we assume it’s there because of what we do know. Then again everything we think we know could be wrong. Same goes with history which is part of why I love it so much. So many things to discover!
        Lol yea they are like that. They are clumsy too. Our younger one, Lilly likes to try and sit in my mom’s lap but she’s too big.

      • I didn’t studied science at university but i always loved science and logic. Oh yeah dark matter, very intriguing … have to find a book on that.
        History is a subject i don’t mind talking but my knowledge is kind of poor in many areas.
        Sometimes i got stuck on internet reading stuff, always a link on a page that goes to another …

        My father have a Bobtail, he likes me and always want to play with me. I love animals so much.

  2. what do i like reading? I. DON`T. READ.

    Well I don`t actively look for books to read. If a book gets shoved in my face I will read it, and very likely enjoy it to a great extent.

    That said. Right now I am supposed to be reading “Looking for Alaska” and eventually I will get around to finish reading The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya.

    • The Inheritance Cycle books weren’t all that amazing anyway. Good, but not my favorite, so you didn’t miss out on much. There is supposed to be a fourth book though.
      I believe I had to read Looking for Alaska in one of my English classes but I don’t remember it that well.

  3. Too bad about the book thief… That’s ok though you’ll get to it eventually :). I’m currently reading The Time Travelers Wife, though I’ve been a bit distracted the last few days. I haven’t read any of the books in this post :(.

    • I got it today! (just got $50 from my gramma woo!)I had to go to two stores to find it though because I couldn’t go all the way to the mall again. I also got two other books called Years of Wonder and Sea Glass.

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