I have a question…

December 31, 2009

and yes it’s important enough to need its own post.

Why do boys pajama pants have pockets and most girl pajama pants don’t? Seriously, why do they need pockets more than us?




  1. World domination. That is why.

    Anyway, happy new year.

  2. I knew it.
    Same to you!

  3. i don’t use pockets that much so … i just realize that my pajama don’t have pocket either.
    How these can be use to a world domination master plan ? Hiding cat lethal ninjas ?

  4. well as boy maybe I will keep something in pjamas
    Happy new year ^0^

  5. Erm.. Really not being perverted or anything. But if you think about it… maybe to hold condoms?


    • Gee thanks it all makes sense now:P
      Happy New Year too you too!!^^

    • When a guy says he’s not perverted i just don’t believe him. When a girl said she’s not perverted … i take her with me to an underwear store 😀

      • XD!

      • Dang…

        Busted!!!! Xp

  6. GOOD QUESTION! it’s not fair xD here’s my conclusion: sometimes people cannot tell the difference between guys and girl pajamas therefore they need something to be able to distinguish them. Guys have pockets and girls doesn’t 🙂 good conclusion hey? haha xD happy new year!~ 😀

    • Lol I didn’t think about that. But still, I need pockets just as much as any guy. Do you know how many times I’ve almost lost my phone because I didn’t have a pocket to put it in and then set it down somewhere else? 😛

  7. gotta put our hands somewhere? i wouldnt know, i dont wear pajamas… that is i dont own any, not that i sleep nekkid XD

    • Lol that sounds pretty close to what my brother said.

  8. My brother wears boxer shorts when he sleeps and those don’t have any pockets lol.

  9. The obvious conclusion I draw from this post is that a lot of people are perplexed by this unimaginably complicated question (and most boys don’t wear pajamas at all).

    I can’t remember the last time I wore pajamas. Actually I normally wear pajama bottoms when I don’t feel like leaving my house all day and I don’t feel like putting on pants. The conclusion I draw from this is that they are the indoor I’m not leaving version of pants for boys while for girls they can be used regularly for a sleeping purpose. Along the same lines I think it’s incredibly uncomfortable to sleep with something in your pocket, like a phone. You roll over on it and ouch. Last but not least men don’t normally carry purses which means their only storage for personal items often times is their pockets while girls are more likely to have purses and thus have a place to store their personal items.

    I hadn’t thought of any of that when I started this comment, it was going to be a joke comment XD. Fail!

  10. Lol…

    This has turn into a most profound discussion indeed, my dear Watson.

  11. Let’s do a complete study on pajamas all around the globe 😀 I’m sure they’re some scientists bored enough to do it.

  12. Where are you Karianne ^^ I miss you 🙂

  13. My take would be guys are used to have pockets in their dressing. While woman on the other hand do not like to use pocket and that is why they put everything in their handbag. Guys have wallet and put it in their pocket most of the time. Make sense?

    • It does but still…
      I use my pockets so it’s an inconvenience for me. Even in pajamas.

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