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Hanamaru Youchien 1, So Ra No Wo To 2, Druarara!! 1

January 13, 2010

It’s raining pretty hard outside today. I love the sound of rain. It’s very pretty. It also makes me sad that I don’t live outside of town anymore. The air is different and the sound of rain is dulled by all the sounds of cars and stuff. I liked living out in the country with the river and the woods behind my house, and the big loop we lived on the I could walk every day and the air smelled much cleaner and everything just looked better, less busy.


Hanamaru Youchie 1

 It’s so adorable^^. It was funny too. I know I’m going to like this one.

So Ra No Wo To 2

Either my computer or the internet is being a pain in the ass so no more pictures. Sorry.

But I will tell you about the episode. Again I point out it was pretty to watch. But the episode itself was mostly just introductions and stuff. No real plot has been shown. There were a few signs of things that could be important later but we’ll see. They introduced themselves, showed around the base, and then went one a ghost hunt in what looks like an old school building. I think that was the most interesting part of the episode. It turns out the ghost was the owl who stole the bell in the first episode. I guess I’m hoping something will develop soon.

Durarara!! 1

So I know that I’m like really late talking about this but oh well. I reeeeeeeeeeeeally liked this one. They did a really good job starting this of at a good pace and it was interesting. The main character was introduced, we were told about him then about the history between him and his friend then they wasted no time talking about gangs, introducing  friends they met as they were walking, and even had a kidnapping happen and saw the urban legend all in one episode. It’s like the opposite of  Vampire Bund. I thought I got a good feel for everything about this anime all in one episode and it was just enough to keep me happy but wanting to know what happens next. Am I making sense? Well anyway it was good.


I also watched Chu-Bra!! and Seikon no Qwaser. Chu-Bra!! was just like wtf…and Seikon no Qwaser has potential to be good but it’s not. It had those moments where I was really into it and then BAM it turns into something stupid like he grabs some chicks breast. *sigh*The whole Qwaser thing sounds kinda cool but it really pisses me off that they turned it into  something stupid. I dunno…I can understand the religious point but still. It’s just unnerving you know?

Anyway I was going to say that if anyone wants to read something better on these then go read Dustin’s blog-Yin no Piano. It was really entertaining to read his take on the second episode of So Ra No Wo To.