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No, I didn’t die.

January 7, 2010

Hey guys sorry I’ve been gone, but I had a rough week. Anyway I do have some stuf I wanted to blog about but it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow. I’m really tired.


@Katsura-chan: I missed you too lol. Sorry >.<

I will catch up on reading people’s blogs tomorrow as well. I’m sure you all have something interesting for me to read, you always do^^

Good night, or good morning depending on where you are.


First real post.

December 1, 2009

Hello! My name is Karianne. This is not my first time doing this, I just decided it was time to start over and get back into writing like I use to. I’m just starting college so my writing skills will improve, until then please forgive my lack of ability. Writing is something I really love. To be honest computers, texting, and lack of good high school english teachers, have made me lazy. But for me it’s always been about what I write not how I write it. As long as the story is told, grabs attention, and is readable, I find that most people really don’t care if I abbreviate a word or quickly jot down a garbled mess of thoughts. Anyway my point is I’m here to share my opinions, stories, and any other random thoughts I might want to type up, not to be the new poster girl for the english language.  Some will think this is an excuse but I don’t care. Maybe it is and maybe it’s the truth. Either way I belive it and thats why I’m writing it. Now about my blog. I LOVE anime and manga. I love the stories, the plot, the characters, relationships, music, art. Everything about it calls to me. So because I have such a vast knowledge and love for anime/manga, this will make up a majority of my posts, but it won’t be everything. I also love to read. I would die without my books. I’m sure you will hear all about the latest books I’m reading because it’s such a big part of my life and really, who doesn’t love a great book? You will also probably hear about my cats, in particular my baby bells. I have dogs too and I love them all, but Bella is just that special to me. Feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts. I’m always interested in hearing from others and seeing things from a different or new point of view.

Yin and Mao. I like Mao better as a cat.